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About Us

House Maid Agency provide you all nationality house maids, Nannies & Caregiver in Abu Dhabi including all UAE, We have all hardworking and experienced Maids, we have some maids who know Arabic Languge as well and know how to cook arabic cuisines, We have Filipino house maids, African house Maids, Indian house Maids, Indonesian house Maids, Ethiopian house Maids.

You can simply contact maid agency in Abu Dhabi like Maid Agency Abu Dhabi to provide you necessary things to hire in full time maid. You can also hire part time maid in Abu Dhabi, which is much cheaper than hiring full time. Are you in search of a nanny, maid, caregiver? Contact now Maid Agency Abu Dhabi is the trusted maid agency Abu Dhabi.

House Maid agency in Abu Dhabi. We are the one of the best and trusted house maid agency in Abu Dhabi that offers house maid service in Abu Dhabi and in all over UAE which includes full time house maid, nanny, cook, caregiver. Our hardworking house maids are experienced. In fact, they are very flexible when it comes to doing other things related to their work.

At Maid Agency in Abu Dhabi, you can have the best quality maid who is very competent in her job. We have maids from India, Philippines, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Africa and Indonesia. You need to choose the maid that you want and that fits your job description. Our maid agency Abu Dhabi will assist you in hiring the right maid. They will provide her residence visa, accommodation, medical fee, insurance, food and other benefits.

Our Experiences

Full time house maid in Abu Dhabi is one of the take out Maid Agency Abu Dhabi that offers maid services in Abu Dhabi. They also have available caregivers, nannies and house maids that you can also get for a reasonable price.

You can hire our full time house maids in Abu Dhabi without worrying because we will assist you with the entire process. We are a professional full time house maid agency that will give you convenience in getting the house maid that you can trust for a long time. We have full time maids in Abu Dhabi and you can choose from different nationalities like Filipino, African, Indian, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Ethiopian and etc.

With our experience in the house maid and domestic worker industry, we can make sure you have the right house maid; full time house maid in Abu Dhabi. We have full time nannies, house maids & caregivers that you can hire on the spot. You can also hire Full time nannies if you want and you can choose if you want a live out or live in nanny, house maid or caregiver. Are you looking for the nannies and maids? Contact us Maid Agency Abu Dhabi one of the best companies that offers full time house maid in Abu Dhabi.

Our Core Values

For our Full time house maids Abu Dhabi it is very cheaper than other maid agencies in abu dhabi. You just need to let them know how many months or years you need them to work on your house, the amount of work and the salary you want to pay them which costs per month. If you want to have the best and trustworthy maid,